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Briana "Bri" Franklin


Hi I’m Coach Bri.


Founder of SHERISE ….Home of the Phoenix where we rebirth champions.


My fitness journey began in the 8th grade (2011) when I suffered from mental health and asthma issues. I knew I was the only one in control of my health, so I decided to save myself though fitness and exercise. Today, my training is an act of meditation and daily maintenance.  


SHERISE was birthed to encourage breaking self-proclaimed boundaries, creating healthy life styles and exceeding fitness goals. Encouraging and facilitating generational wellbeing through health and wellness in our communities is my goal.


I became a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) in 2021 and have worked with over 30 Phoenixes on their journey to rejuvenation.


Phoenix symbolizes rebirth, fire and passion.  I want to encourage you to embrace the Phoenix within you to never give up.


See you soon!


Want to get in touch? Let's connect!


Phone: 504-644-5453

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Address: 3445 Toledano Street, New Orleans, LA 70125 ​

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