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Jada Searls

Jada Searls


My fitness journey began 10 years ago. The doctor’s diagnosis was you are prehypertension and I’m prescribing high blood pressure medicine. I asked, what preventative measures do I need to take because I really dislike taking medication. The doctor’s response, you need to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise consistently. He gave me 30 days to change my systolic pressure. I started making changes to my lifestyle immediately. Jazzercise was my first challenge.  I needed motivation therefore a group workout was what I needed. I was a size 14 and needed the push. I graduated to a high intense cardio and loved it. Once I joined Motivation Team Athletic Academy, my goal went from living a healthy lifestyle to inspiring others to do the same. It hasn’t been an easy journey But I’m here for it! Here I am 10 years later, medication free and a certified trainer at the gym that loves serving and motivating people. My name is Jada Searls, Certified Trainer, Life Coach at MT Athletic Academy. 


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Phone: 504-255-5274

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Address: 3445 Toledano Street, New Orleans, LA 70125 ​

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