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Stephen "Coach Steve" Sutton


Stephen Sutton is a Fitness Motivational Coach with Sweat to that B.E.A.T.®️  The city of New Orleans has always been known across the world as the home of some of the most creative musical artist, fitness gurus, and athletes in the world. Stephen Sutton, better known  as Coach Steve, is a native New Orleans , where many of his musical and athletic influences originated  from artists, such as: Fats Domino; Louis Armstrong; Trombone Shorty; Richard  Simmons; Luke James; Juvenile; Lil Wayne; Marshall Faulk; Big Freedia, and many more. Coach Steve is ready to move the world with motivating fitness Bounce music (Sweat to that B.E.A.T.®️).

At age 13, Coach Steve had dual interests in the junior high school choir and football. This channeled his love for music and his athletic training grew rapidly. During this time, Coach Steve lost his father, due to health complications.  He became determined to ensure that his health would be a priority for a lifetime.  In 2006, Coach Steve moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue music and entertainment.  After two years of networking and perseverance, Coach Steve landed his first national appearance in the movie, “Hurricane Season.”  He worked alongside artists, such as: Lil Wayne; Bow Wow, and Jackie Long.  Coach Steve had guest appearances on several national television shows, and cinema movies working with Kevin Hart; Terrence J; Gary Owens; Scott Bakula; Tashina Arnold, and many more. In the entertainment industry, being performance ready, physically and mentally is a must. This re-sparked his interest in fitness and health. 

Coach  Steve enrolled in the National Academy of Sports Medicine, learning the neuromuscular system and how the body functions.  He became even more intrigued and wanted to share his knowledge with others, by starting group exercise classes, but not just any exercise class!  Coach Steve wanted to make this a fun and exciting high calorie burning workout. What better way to create a fitness class, than to combine the love of entertainment with fitness?  He created Sweat to that B.E.A.T.®️ and now you can harness the benefit of a bounce workout with Sweat to that B.E.A.T.®️ in your own home, with this interactive exercise program. This one of a kind fitness workout is based on easy to follow dance moves, blended with the addictive New Orleans bounce music.  Coach Steve is ready to infuse the world with Sweat to that B.E.A.T. ®️ sculpting bodies and burning excessive fat with 30-minute routines designed, guided, and created himself with partner Ronda Marie.



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Phone: 310-927-2798 ​

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Address: 3445 Toledano Street, New Orleans, LA 70125 ​

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