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Jamal Mitchell

Performance + Athletic Personal Trainer 

Born and raised in New Orleans, La former semi pro football player, current student at Delgado community college. Been in the gym most of my teenage and adult years, didn’t turn it into a passion until 4 years ago when my mentor/ coworker encourage me that I can do a lot more in my life specially career wise. It a enjoyment feeling to know  that I’m contributing to helping my community be health and taking care of their bodies better than what society portray a certain image on us. As a trainer I’m learning each and every day to improve my craft and be more creative with workout plans for certain clients. When the results speak louder with the work that mean I’m doing a good job I love it. 


Weekly Small Group Training   
$300/mo - 4 Sessions/wk

$75/week - 3 Sessions/wk
$100/wk - 4 Sessions/wk

$150/wk - 5/6 Sessions/wk

1 on 1 Training

$500/mo - 3 Sessions/wk

$180/wk - 3 Sessions/wk

$190/wk - 4 Sessions/wk


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Phone: 832-371-1206 ​

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Address: 3445 Toledano Street, New Orleans, LA 70125 ​

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